Welcome to New London City Center District

The purpose of the City Center District shall be to enhance the environment in which people shop, live and work in the central business district;

to demonstrate private commitment to the central business through physical economic and social improvements; to work with the government of the city to maximize the usefulness of available public funds by consolidating and coordinating private efforts to assist the city’s downtown revitalization program; and to maintain physical, economic and social improvements to the central business district through a long-term operations strategy allocating organizational and financial responsibility.

City Center District
Monthly meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the Month @ 8:30 AM

President: Jason Burdick
Vice President: Scott Macgruder
Secretary: Reid Burdick
Treasurer: Barbara Neff

Kip Bochain
Kip Bochain, Jr.
Sal D’Angelo
Kristin Harkness
Scott Magruder
Rich Martin
Philip Michalowski
Anthony Suarez
Kat Murphy
Roderick Cornish

Standing Committees
Maintenance Committee (Kip Bochain , Chair)
Marketing, Promotions, and Events Committee (Rich Martin, Chair)
Economic Development Committee (Jason Burdick, Chair)